The journal of the quest for good beer.


Once upon a time, a group of dads met in New York City. They met through their kids, of course: many of them had kids at the same daycare center. Along the way, a few other friends with kids have joined as well. Unlike the typical mamby-pamby, touchy-feely, dads' support groups in other parts of the country, these dads cut right to the chase and hoist cold ones. These monthly "therapy" sessions enable the men to truly connect to their inner selves and to share stories in a supportive judgment-free environment. Yeeeeeaaahhhh!

We've been meeting for quite a while now and it occurred to me (Steve) that we should document the important work we have been doing so that we may provide inspiration to desperate Dads throughout the land. It can be done—you can raise a family and have a life!

Armed with only a Nikon camera and plenty of beer money, I have tried to capture the moment, not merely objectively, but from an experiential viewpoint as well. Through vivid writing and innovations such as BrewCam™, the visitor can see the event through the eyes of the participants as they travel from joint to joint on the quest to achieve beervana.

If you are a Dad (or a fellow traveller) and would like to assist us in this noble pursuit, please click on the link at left and sign up to join the quest. In the meantime, feel free to have a look around the website.

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