April 19th, 2007

After parting ways with P., we went around the corner to Doc Holliday's Saloon for a nitecap. Beervana† was achieved.

This is a classic example of a place that looks a little divey on the outside but when you actually get in there it's kind of nice. OK, it was still divey, but in a nice way. OK, the buckhunting video game was kinda weird—although it certainly fit the Western theme. And the barkeeps had mighty impressive tattoos. But there was a pool table and a comfortable vibe, and with Guinness, Bass and Brooklyn Lager on tap, how bad could it honestly be?

n., bir ⋅ va′ ⋅ na, The state of utopian euphoria in which the devotee is imbued with universal love for the world and his fellow person. Frequently occurs with the consumption of large quantities of high-quality beers and ales. (from the High German bier, a fermented beverage made from barley malt and hops, and the Hindu nirvana, the highest state of being).