DNO Officers for 2008–2009

Selected at our November 2008 meeting
Position Officer
Liaison Officer, Master of Disaster Abatements, and Suggestionry Kevin
Offensive Coordinator and Director of the DNO Foundation Paul
Airline Safety Inspector, Risk Manager, and Vice President "P"
Mother Superior, Membership, and Faithless Secretary Steve
Royal Taster & Bottle Washer, and Sergeant-at-Arms Dan
Artistic Director, Choreographer, and Ombudsman William
Sheriff, High Plains Drifter, and Codeslinger Racine
Warehouse Manager and Head Sommelier Pradeep
Focus Puller and Chief Suckage Manager Jim
Color Commentator and Grammarian Wally
Prone The Rev. Dr. David
Virtual Founding Member Alan
Fashion Consultant and West Coast Liaison Erich