The History of Dad's Night Out...

Steve & Kev

Sure, Steve would like to take credit for the idea, but actally it was Monica, William's wife, who deserves the credit. You know how the girls are—always gabbing about something when at the daycare (the guys just go in, grab the kid and skeedaddle). Monica got a bunch of the MKC moms together for dinner a few times, leaving the kids with Dad and getting a much needed night out.

Wally's wife, Nora, kept dropping hints that Wally needed a night out, too. So Steve, smart enough to recognize a good thing when he saw it, organized the first Dad's Night Out. Following Monica's model, Steve added the one key ingredient that has helped sustain the group: “Thurdsday.” History does not record who was at the first DNO, but an early core of Dads emerged including Steve, Alan, Kevin, Pradeep, William and Wally.

In time, Steve and Pradeep invited other Dads to join from the parents of children in the daycare class of their other boys, including P., Erich, and David. As the kids make their way through school, the circle has grown.