Sep. 18, 2014

Even though we had just visited Barcade NY in June, tonight they were having a Stone Brewing Company take-over! I really like this Escondido, CA's brewery's Stone Smoked Porter, so how could we miss that?

I arrived first and started out with a Stone Smoked Chipotle Porter (5.8% ABV). Not heavy beer, but rich and TANGY! When you order a Chipotle beer, you know you are signing on for some heat. This porter did not disappoint in that regard; however, the heat is the dominant sensation—it's hard to discern the hops and malts. There is very little aroma. That said, it's not unpleasant at all. I'd have it again, for sure.

David soon arrived and ordered a Stone Saison (6.0% ABV). It's complex and very interesting, not at all like a typical saison. It's got strong lemon-y notes with thyme and lavender and a peppery finish. Is "Pineapple-y" a word? That was my overall impression. A terrific modern take on the Belgian farmhouse style.

Next up for me was a Stone Coffee Milk Stout. It's outstanding! David and I agreed it has "just the right amount" of coffee. It's a terrific brew that is dark and roasty! And at 4.2% ABV, it is a highly "sessionable" beer.

I ordered a tasty Barcade Burgerl; David went for the Pork Meatloaf. Food's good here.

Next up was Stone's Imperial Russian Stout. The differences between the two stouts could not be more stark. This beer was deeply malty and packed quite a punch. It comes in a 10 oz. "girly-glass." At 10.8% ABV, it's far too strong to serve as a sessionable beer; two of these and you are done for the night—session's over! I am grateful to have tried this beer—it is certainly worthwhile—but the Coffee Milk Stout was better, in my humble opinion.

David went for the Bourbon Barrel-Aged Bam Bam Red Ale (7.0% ABV). Not much to say about this one. Nothing in my notebook and I can't find anything online about the beer. It must be a small batch beer. Dan joined us and much jollity ensued!

My last brew was Great South Bay Pumpkin Ale. I really enjoy a good, spicy pumpkin ale in the fall! The problem is it was not quite fall yet, and this was not a good pumpkin ale. It wasn't bad, mind you, just unimpressive with little pumpkin flavor or aroma. Oh well.

We floated around the idea of having another nice DWO in early November this year. The days are warm and full of color and the nights are cool and dark. Lots of possibilities abound for beer gourmands!

(n., ses′ ⋅ shun ⋅ a ⋅ bull,) A beer that can be enjoyed for an entire evening due to its moderate alcohol content, which is typically under 5% ABV (from the Latin sessus, a sitting).

Barcade NY (Manhattan)
148 W. 24th Street,
New York, NY 10011
(212) 390-8455

The modest facade

Stones everywhere!

Dan & David after a few

Brotherly love: Philly meets Boston

Brothers-in-Arms: Dan & Steve