June 21, 2012

After the first full day of summer, the early evening was a scorcher! Temps hit 101° F, according to thermometer across the street! Fortunately, the only thing hot in this bar were the latest fashions. The AC was workin' overtime (thankfully). One of the first things I notices was the new electronic tote boards for the tap menu where the chalkboards used to be. Nice improvement, Pony Bar!

Dan and I started with a very nice SixPoint Apollo Wheat (5.5% ABV). Its light, fruity bouquet was perfect for this weather. Kevin opted for Ballast Point's Tongue Buckler Double Red. It's aptly named—there is a hot mess of hops that certainly buckled my tongue, but there's a nice caramel note in there as well to balance it all out. At 10.0% ABV, it'll make you see double red, too.

Dan's next was the cask ale, Chelsea Brewing Company's Red Hop Rye PA., which he felt was okay, but light on mouthfeel. I feel this way about all of Chelsea's beers: they tast fine but are a bit too watery and suffer when compared to similar beers from other brewers. Good beer needs to be hearty. Surprisingly, this IPA-style Rye had a 6.5% ABV rating, so it is certainly not lacking for alcohol.

After much research, Kevin went with Cisco's Russian Imperial Stout. It was great—like a rich, dark, roasted coffee, only with an obscene 12.5% ABV punch! I went for the Sierra Nevada Kellerweis (4.8% ABV) which, frankly, was not as good as the SixPoint.

Random notes: Mariachi El Bronx. Discussion of Kevin retiring in Phoenicia, Big Indian, Hunter and the recent Mountain Jam festival up there. Dale & Tucker versus Evil.

We met the family of Gary Clark, Jr. (no relation), who were in town from somewhere south of here. Nice folk enjoying the amazing zoo we call New York City. We bonded.

Next round for me was the Cisco Stout. yum! Dan went all Hard Cider on us. This was followed by a Davidson Brothers Oatmeal Stout (Nitro). This 4.5% ABV stout was nice but not as nice as the Cisco, althought the difference in the alcohol content makes comparison a little unfair. I would certainly try this again.

"P" went for a Bronx Pale Ale (6.3). It was hoppy but the finish was a bit short. David had Fox Barrel's Pacific Pear Cider (4.5%). This was good, clean and fruity! I recommend it.

Pony Bar,
637 10th Ave.
New York NY 10036?
(212) 510-8415

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