April 28th, 2011

A couple of friends of mine do a weekly deejay thing they call Fuzzanova. This week they were spinning at Macri Park, a little joint just two blocks north of BARCADE. Naturally, we dropped in for a couple of post-pint pints.

The music was great! DJ Pampa Up The Volume, DJ Chaco Pastorious & Dj Pat Agony play 60s garage band and dance music from South America. Everynow and then you'll hear a cover of a familiar pop hit of the sixties, en Español. This is usually accompanied by contermporary video clips from Brazilian and Argentinian cinema. Freaky and groovy, baby!

We found a table in the courtyard in back. According to my notes—and they are admittedly sketchy at this point in the evening—I had a Chelsea Brewing Co. Black Raspberry Ale. What was I thinking? I avoid Chelsea on principle. Their beers are too watery and light on the mouthfeel. Raspberry and beer is tough combination to pull off. Surely this must be a misprint in my notes? ...This was followed with a yummy and reliable Hoegaarden Wit.

The usual merriment ensued. We ended talking to some guy named Eric. I danced like a idiot with the statuesque Petra. David entertained the neigborhood with his stories, while "P" slipped in & out of sobriety (thank heavens we don't drive to these things!) and Dan sported a preternaturally contented grin. All in all, it was a fantastic night!

Toasted! Lager!

"P" approves

Deejay Sami getting inspiration

Fists of Destiny!