March 24th, 2011

David works all over the city and had passed by Cask several times. It was an obvious suggestion for a Dad's Night. In my old age, I have learned to trust David's instincts.

Dan beat me to it. I started out with an Allagash White, a nice and reliable unlfiltered Belgian Witbier. A solid start to the evening, but nothing to rave about. There are other beers in this style that are more likely to get my knickers in a twist.

Next up for me was a cask-drawn Sixpoint Chocolate Rye Porter. Tasty, but the mouthfeel was a bit lighter than expected. I thought it was better than David's Green Flash Double Stout, though. Something about the Green Flash didn't work for me. Maybe it was the long trip from San Diego? Maybe it was that the cellar-temperature cask was too warm? It had an earthy note that might have worked better colder but as tasted, it was a little blah.

Dan ordered a Sixpoint Bengali Tiger IPA. Sure it was good, but it's a bit too hoppy for my tastes. Dan was shocked to hear that I'm more of a malt guy than a hop guy. Dude, read the blog! Didn't we spend a DWO together recently?

Ommegang Rare Vos was clearly the best of the night for me. I was pretty sure I'd had this before, but how could I have overlooked it? There's a consistency across all of their beers—I think it's the yeast. It's possible that this medal-winning Belgian-style ale could have been overshadowed by its labelmates like the Tripel Perfection and the Chocolate Indulgence. It was like I was tasting this for the first time. Outstanding! Makes me want to run out to Stop & Shop and snab one right now!

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SixPoint Chocolate Rye Porter: YUM!

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