September 23rd, 2010

Danny recommended this classy joint. I found him sitting at the downstairs bar...

...What's in that bowl that just showed up at the bar? Hey, it's hot pork rinds! I love this place already! Wow! That's quite a beer list! Which one will I haaaa, haaaaaa, haaaaaaa... HOLY MOLY! That pork rind's freakin' HOTTT !!!

I started out with—on Dan's recommendation—an Arcadia Jaw Jacker. (It could not arrive quick enough.) Not bad: hints of vanilla, but also spicy. A cool antidote to the speecy spicy pork rinds.

David arrived and after a bit, we moved to a table. "P" soon joined us. I moved to a Mikkeller Frelser—again, on Dan's recommendation. This was a winner! Roasty, toasty, brown and lovely! Like a trippelbock with strong coffee and caramel notes! It's a hefty brew, weighing in at 11% alchohol. Whoa.

There were several Mikkeller beers on tap here. I'd never heard of the brewery before, but the first taste was impressive. Interestingly, Danish brewer Mikkel Borg Bjergsø brews his beers at several brewerie: in Denmark, in other European countries and even in the US. This Frelser was brewed in Belgium.

Maybe it's the beer, but there's a nice glow about the place. Next up was a nifty Belgian-style Witte from Brewery Ommegang. Crisp! Food arrived. I had the tasty chicken burger. I should have followed Dan's recommendation, though, because his bratwurst burger was outstanding! My post-prandial pop was a coffee-licious Troeg's Java Head. Really interesting set of beers tonight. Amity Hall is definitely a place worth coming back to!

We strolled up Broadway on this warm first night of autumn. The wind just kinda blew us past the Viilage Pourhouse on 3rd Ave. I heard it had a good beer menu. We've tried to get in here before, but each time, the place was so packed that it was impossible. Maybe it's a kind of early crowd, because by this time&mdash:on this night—it's not crowded at all.

Out of sheer curiosity, I dragged the guys in with me.

There's fifteen, maybe twenty, taps here, which is good... but nothing's really moving me after the diversity of beers at Amity. The selection of drafts is a little old hat (or should I say Magic Hat #9?). I settle for the reliable Hoegaarden Witbier. It's fine, of course.

We find an empty table in the back where it's kinda dead. Some veejay is playing old (i.e., 80s) soul and R&B. Not much to report here. Maybe I'm just a little beered out. Whatever curiosity I had is gone—the cat is officially killed.

Definitely a good night, though!

"P" and David all aglow

Enjoying the Good Stuff!

Enjoying the Good Stuff!

Empty again, Dan?!?