August 19th, 2010

There are epic Dad's Night Outs—and there are non-epic DNOs. Given this night took place in August, I guess it's not so surprizing that this was one of the latter. Even as the drinkin' began, I wasn't sure if we would even have quorum. Dan was up for it (Dan's always up for it! 8^) but would we be joined by anyone else?

It was an in auspicious start. Dan and I met at Spitzer's Corner, a hip Lower East Side tap-haven that we had last visited in January. We crammed ourselves into the bench seating for some dinner. Dan had already eaten and after looking at the menu, I wasn't finding anything that grabbed me. We we told the waitress we were just drinking, we were asked to leave "our table." Despite the fact that there were plenty of open bench seats available, they only let you sit there if you're eatin'! We weren't "feelin' it."

A quick trip around the corner brought us to the dark and mysterious Whiskey Ward. Though I lived in this neighborhood for several years, I'd never ventured into this unassuming joint. It wasn't bad—way less sketchy than I thought it would be.

A small but decent tap selection awaited us. I started with the Allagash White, a dry, crisp, spicy hefeweissen with a pronounced note of clove. This really hit the spot! David texted us from Spitzer's and soon joined us. Next up was a Weihenstephaner Hefeweissen, which I recently reviewed in May. Tonight though, it seemed a bit flat by comparison to the Allagash.

I capped off our stay at the Ward with a Lagunitis IPA. I'm not normally an India Pale Ale guy, but tonight I was in the mood for something to cleanse the palate. The Lagunitis did not disappoint! It provided a nice contrast to the wheat beers—hoppy, but not too edgy!

While the roast peanuts were welcome, it was time for some real food. David suggested a German Biergarten he'd recently read about and off we went!

Dan at the Whiskey

David at the Whiskey

Steve "at the Whiskey" Ward

Peanuts at the Whiskey Ward