April 23rd, 2009

This joint, a block north of the Seaport on Peck Slip, was news to me. It seemed to cater more to a Wall Street crowd rather than the tourists who frequent the neighborhood. The tap selection was perfectly adequate: I enjoyed a Hoegaarden hefeweissen. For me, this is the archetypal witbier. The only thing that surpasses this beer in this style is Blanche de Brooklyn, but that beer only has to cross a river.

Dierdre, our fun Irish waitress, had lots of good suggestions. As Beervana began to set in, my notes get sketchy, but the next round was the Leffe Blonde, a fine Belgian ale, followed by a Winter Ale (Brooklyn, perhaps?). I capped it off with a half-pint of Blue Moon (must have been Dan's idea—I know, I'm so susceptable to suggestion).

There is nothing like the company of a good bunch of lads after a few pints! Are we really that funny? Or do the same old jokes get funnier with each retelling (or with each pint)? We were all in stiches! With the pressures of work and the economy down the flusher, we all need a strong dose of the unrestricted mirth that laughter brings. Beer is only the catalyst, but the bond between brothers who share pints together is deep. I love you guys!

We'll always have Paris!

Dan and Dierdre comparing ties.