March 26th, 2009

This one snuck up on me.

We should have met the previous week, but I've been so busy, I plumb forgot. Fortunately, this is a group effort. Again, we planned to meet at the Village Pour House. Again, the noise and the crowd sent us off to find another venue. Might be a fun hang on a Monday, but not for Thurdsday. Only Wally actually made it in for a beer (or so he claims).

It was a rainy, raw, chilly night. It figures I would get on a bus that would break down. We sat for several minutes at the Avenue A bus stop. Finally, after three busses leapfrogged us, the driver told us he couldn't get the doors closed. (Not clear why he couldn't have asked one of the other drivers to let us transfer...) So, I trudged in the rain the three long blocks from Ave A to 3rd Avenue and then down from 14th to 11th Streets. Jim butt-dialed my cell. I poked my head in the Pourhouse, but by that time Wally had left. Finally, I heard a raving maniac yelling across 3rd Ave. It was Jim, of course, with Kevin.

We called "P" and retargeted for Bar None, a mere block north. When we got there there were plenty of seats right at the bar. It wasn't exactly empty, but compared to the VPH, it was Fire Island in February. Jim and Kev ate dinner at The Smith (not to be confused with Nevada Smiths, also in this neighborhood). Jim continued with a pint of G; Kev and I opted for the Gaarden of Hoes, a light and classy witbier. Of course you can't go wrong with a fresh Guinness, either.

Round two: Another Guinness and two Hoegaardens. "P" joined us, fresh from parent-teacher conference. A die-hard wheat man, he opted for the Blue Moon instead of Hoegaarden. Hey, it's a free country. Didn't have the heart to tell him it's a Coor's product. Round three: Fire Rock Pale Ales. From Hawaii, this was surprisingly good: plenty hoppy, as you'd expect, but with a definite sweet malt note. Jim opined on the "fruity finish" of this beer. Round four: Well of course I had to have a Blue Moon! Not bad, but I prefer a good Hoe over the moon any day!

Jim and Kevin left by nine (wusses) but Dan sooned joined "P" and I. The usual BS ensued. Kind of an early Dad's Night Out, "P" headed home and Dan & I caught some vittles and a pair of rackin' Mango-ritas @ BBQ before doing the same. I think I was in bed by twelve—weird. Fun though!

Steve and Kevin

"P" & Jim

Danny and "P"