May 21st, 2009

The Mercury Bar, not to be confused with the justly famous Mercury Lounge, is a little hole in the wall on 3rd Ave, bewteen 33rd and 34th Streets. It's what I would refer to as a "Bar of Convenience." Just your typical average sports bar with the typical young and beautiful New York City clientelle. Dan and I found ourselves sitting here waiting to hook up with David, who was at his sons' school around the corner. We were about to rendezvous at Thirty-third and Third to grab the express bus up to Riverdale.

Still, even a typical New York sports bar can have good draft beer on tap. The selection was limited, but that just made my choice a no-brainer—Brooklyn Lager (can't go wrong there). Dan opted for the Blue Moon Hefeweissen. Right around the time that David joined us, some artificially blonde cutie offered us free shots of Red Stag. Well, you get what you pay for, don't you, Dan? Red Stag is Jim Beam Bourbon, "infused" with Black Cherry "flavors." Robitussin anyone? We were each offered a free ticket for another shot of it, to which I politely declined. Dan and David accepted with pleasure. I think Dan only liked it because it was free—and even then I'm not so sure.

Did someone say FREE shots?!?

Dan's not so sure...