May 22nd, 2008

OK, technicaly it was the fourth Thursday, but May is a very busy time for an erstwhile college professor and I would have had to miss DNO on the third Thursday anyhow. Besides, we'd hatched this plan, see?

At Croxley's last month, Jim, David and I had tossed around the idea of having DNO at Yankee Stadium one time before they knocked the old thing down. (oddly, the prospect of Shea Stadium being also razed draws no similar response) Warm weather, dogs, cheap domestic megabrew on draft—what could be better? I set about hunting for tickets online.

First of all, there were no tickets at the Yankees' website. Oh, sure, I probably could've snagged some $500 skybox seats. But I'm a cheap bastid. Baseball tickets should always cost less than a dog an brew from the overpriced concession! I like Tier-Reserved seats. They're like a mile high, but you get a great view of the action. On the website they have these deals 4 tickets plus a T-shirt for 22 bucks a seat for weeknight games. That is, they have them when they're not all sold out of them.

That's when I discovered StubHub. Season-ticket holders rarely attend every home game, and many offer to sell those games they would otherwise miss. I was fortunate to get four adjacent seats overlooking Home and First Base, for a game against the Orioles, for peanuts. Not for the $29 price, or even the $25 that season ticket holders pay per game—$13! Even with fees and shipping, it came to $19 per seat. I would definitely order through these guys again.

As it turned out, Jim was out of the country shooting video (was it Thailand?). Kev and David hollered fer tickets. Eventually, Kev got his co-worker, Ron, to take the fourth seat at the last minute. Don't remember the guy too well—not because I was too tipsy mind you, but because this dude had a mortal fear of high places. He sat with us for like two minutes before he had to go find a lower seat. Now, it would be grossly unfair for me to sit in judgment of this guy and call him a wuss—after all, my eight-year-old (then six) had the same reaction. Kevin was kind enough, though, to help him walk down the stairs and sit with him a while 'til he calmed down. That Kev's a great guy!

It was a good game. The score was tied 1-1 until an RBI ended the game in the bottom of the ninth. Real dramatic like. We had a fun time, but there's never enough beer at these things for a proper Dad's Night...

A great view of the game!

Derek Jeter, at the ready...

The vertiginous view from Tier Reserve Box 9