Oct. 17, 2013

One of the great things about living in New York City is that there are always events that drawout-of-towners to visit. Every other year at this time, there is a large convention at the Javitz Center for people in my field (audio engineering). What better excuse for a pubcrawl than twenty colleagues from out of town with an experienced New York guide?

Well, it didn't turn out as expected—none of the out-of-towners were able to swing it. I did get one of my in-town colleagues, Greg, to join the regulars at the Pony Bar, so all was not lost. Greg's a real beer man and a homebrewer, so we made him an honorary dad for the night.

Tonight at the Pony was a Boulder Brewery takeover. I have mixed feelings about takeover nights. Sure, if it's a brewery like Brooklyn or Ommegang, how could you go wrong? But frankly, most breweries don't have the consistency of product to warrant trying four or five of their beers. I admit it: I prefer a variety of brewers and beers to try.

First up for me, was the Boulder Shake Chocolate Porter (5.9% ABV). This had a pronounced chocolatey flavor. This beer is made with five different grains, including a "Chocolate Wheat," but what really gives it the chocolate flavor is the cacao nibs they throw into the mix. Not bad!

Next up, was Boulder's Kinda Blue Blueberry Wheat Beer (6.5% ABV). Normally, this is a 5.2% beer, but tonight it's been wine barrel-aged. Fruity beers can be annoying and cloyingly sweet. Here the flavor is much drier and subtle. Nice!

Not ALL taps were delivering Boulder Beer. I was able to get an Adirondack Brewery Fat Scotsman Ale. Unfortunately, at 10.1% ABV, it's a little too heavy for me.

It was great seeing Greg and he hit it off well with Danny and David. A solid DNO for the record books.

Pony Bar
637 10th Avenue
New York, NY 10036
(212) 586-2707

It's a Boulder Takeover!

Dan and David Finishing Up!

Honorary Dad, Greg

David, Steve and Greg livin' large

Danny, David & Stevie