July 18, 2013

The beer selection here is astonshingly good! There's 48 taps here! I'm going to spend a few minutes taking in the tap menu before I order...

First up for me was the Ommegang Fleur de Houblon. It's light, crisp, and hoppy, but it's pretty smooth. At 6.8% ABV, it's full-bodied, but somewhat light for Ommegang. Still, it's a very nice brew that's easy to drink.

It's been a few months since our last DNO. I've had some medical issues (mostly tests) and wrangling the guys seems more challenging this summer... Like anything, it comes and goes in phases. So we make the best of it. David arrives and we commence drinking in earnest.

Next up, is the Left Hand Brewing's Good Juju Ginger. The first taste has an odd finish. There are subtle (and I do mean subtle) notes of ginger, but the overall effect is somewhat undistinguished. Maybe it's the low alcohol content. This beer clocks in at only 4.0% ABV. The website describes it as "Fresh ginger kisses the lithe malty body, copulating with the hop in this pale ale ancestor." Seriously? "Copulating"? Frankly, a Budweiser would be just as satisfying (and would have just as much alcohol).

Weihenstephaner Vitus Wheat. Wow! Nice, fruity, and complex. Big Flavor! This spicy wheat beer one has an alcohol content of 7.7% ABV. Very nice—I would definitely have this one again!

Finally, I had a fanstatic La Chouffe (8.0% ABV) in a girly glass. It starts off as just okay, but then it builds into a wine-like finish. This is a nice unfiltered blonde Belgian Ale. There's lots of alcohol here, but also plenty of coriander and a nice hops balance. This was the best beer of the night! Really great!

David and I made our way over to Pony Bar for a chaser, a Flying Dog Brewery Pineapple Saison (6.1% ABV). This refreshing beer is described on their website as "Pineapple, pear, and spicy undertones meld into light bread and floral notes to round out this refreshing, yet subtly dry, beer. It's perfect with light summer salads and fruity desserts. (Pineapple Upside Down Cake, anyone?)"

All and all, a good DNO (although, with just David and I, we did not make quorum again). Quality beer and great conversation were the highlights, but frankly, it's nice just getting out of the house every month! Can't wait for the next hang!

Valhalla NYC
815 9th Avenue
New York, NY 10019
(212) 757-2747

Hmmmnn... What to choose?

Spicy Weihenstephaner Goodness on Tap

La Chouffe!

A toast!