September 22, 2011

Heartland. Alas.

A couple of years ago, Heartland changed their beers. Perhaps the company felt its beers were not tourist-friendly; they certainly have brewpubs located in tourist-friendly locations. At any rate, the beers are noticeably lighter in feel and strength. They are tasty, but to my palate, a bit unsubtantial.

I started off with a Smiling Pumpking Ale. Not a bad brew: a light, but definite, taste of pumpkin. Dan opted for the Imperial Pumkin Ale. Oddly, this was even lighter, and very effervescent, like a soda. Next up was a round of Black India Pale Ale. It was hoppy, but smooth and with a bit of fruity finish. Definitely the best of the bunch.

Kevin joined us, saying "I have to be moderate," to which we replied, "Yeah, but you don't have to be temperate!" My notes are sketchy here, I seem to recal that David joined us while we still at Heartland and there may have been some food involved. Kevin regaled us with tales about the bad-ass V8 pimpmobile he and his brother are building out in Michigan.

I finished off with a Harvest Wheat Beer, a pleasant and clean beer. This joint was surprisingly quiet and empty, given the general hubbub about NY Craft Beer Week. Kev had to split early, so Dan, "P" David and I decided to mosey along to the next gin joint.

Heartland (Empire)
350 5th Avenue,
New York, NY 10118
(212) 563-3433

Black India Pale Ale

Kevin, Dan and Steve mull the benefits of temperance

Dan! Mugging for the camera again?