August 18, 2011

Plan D:

After the fiasco at Croxley's, we trudged over to Avenue A for some Hop Devilicious beer. The night took an immediate turn for the better. Instead of being crammed into a dark corner, we (a) spread out on a table for four, (b) had attentive service from our comely and highly professional waitress, My, and (c) got to watch the Yankees bully the Twins. Obviously, the Yankees know how to show up for the game.

I was intrigued by a Brooklyn Brewery offering called "The Concoction." My recommended I try a taster glass first. ("We're not sure what it is,") Good call, My! The aroma reminded me of cleaning fluid. The taste was, quite simply, vile!!!

Dan went with the Fort Collins Imperial Red IPA. I went for the Southampton Keller Pilsener as a palate cleanser. This was a bit more solid than your typical pilsener, as would be expected from a craft brewer like Southampton.

Next round, all the way from Grand Rapids, MI, was a Founders Imperial Stout in a girlie-glass. I would describe this as creamy-coffee-choco-malty-sweet deliciousness! Dan opted for the Southern Tier IPA, which was pretty smooth—not as hoppy as Southern Tier's Double IPA, but I thought it was pretty groovy.

The last beer of the night for me was, by far, the best: Harpoon UFO Pumpkin Ale! It was awesome: awesomely fresh, awesomely tasty, all-around awesome and awesome to the last drop. Every sip of this beer was... what is the word?... AWESOME! I definitely want to try this South Boston brew again! Freaking fanTAStic!

The Harpoon was so good, I had another, and Dan heartily joined in with a pumpkin of his own. Sweet.

Another night of drinking ends on a high note. I look forward to September and the return of the regular crew!

Hop Devil Grill
129 St. Marks Place
New York, NY 10009
(212) 533-4468

Danny at the Hop Dickens!

Mr. Personality enjoys a Founders (click to see a BrewCam™ view of what it looked like to Dan!)

Go ahead, click the photo above to see what Dan saw...

Well said, Ben! Hear, hear!