June 29, 2011

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The next round was a trio of Left Hand Milk Stouts. It's a tribute to the greatness of this beer that even "P" went over to the dark side! I like this beer! David joined us, and he quickly became a convert as well.

However, sometimes life presents you with a dilemma: someone ordered the Victory Golden Monkey which was also outstanding. Too strong for a manly glass, this 9.4% ABV wonder was served in a girly glass. It's very complex and spicy, like ginger and nutmeg. I think it might have been me who ordered the Trögenator Double Bock. This awesome brew was complex and yeasty, sweet and malty, with a very creamy feel. At 8.2%, it also came in a girly glass. We had an extremely hard time deciding between the light and dark.

Somewhere around this point, my chronology (and note-taking) got decidedly fuzzy. If I have this right, David and I tried the Brooklyn Brown Ale (5.5% ABV, from a cask). It was really fresh! In contrast to some of the other beers we'd been having, this one was mild and simple—but that's not necessarily a bad thing, is it? Somewhere in there, someone must have ordered a Blue Point Old Howling Bastard. One word: Strong!

Perhaps it's my wicked streak, but ultimately the dark side won me over: I had yet another Left Hand Milk Stout. David, meanwhile, started warming up to the Brevity Wit: "So freakin' smooth!"

After an astonishing amount of beer, it was time for me to head home. I think it was David who dragged me off to Rudys [?] somewhere in the 40s on 9th Ave.. David ordered me something blonde, no idea what it was, really, or how it tasted. I just remember that the place was packed and loud as hell. We chatted for a while with Ashley, whose goal in life (I think) is to become a cake architect.

My notes tell me this was followed by a trip to McD's for a "meal of shame"—no doubt something to offset the effects of ethanol. I have a vague memory of standing on the 7 Train platform scarfing this down. Fortunately, somehow I managed to get onto the last train out (1:56 AM) and get off at the right station, where the wife (bless her soul) was waiting to pick me up.

All in all, it was a fantastic DNO, with an unusually large number of terrific beers, some of which came from unexpected breweries, such as Six Point and Victory. We were well attended to, thanks to barkeeps Sam and Mariana, and the company could not have been finer.

n., gir′ ⋅ li ⋅ glas, A small glass, usually 10 oz. in capacity and often tulip or goblet-shaped, used to hold beer with an elevated alchohol content, or an especially expensive/rare beer. (a combination of Middle English gurle, young woman, + Old English glæs, a drinking vessel).

Brothers David & Daniel

The Dilemma: The Light Side vs. The Dark Side

Brothers Steve & "P"

Yet another obligatory Steve-and-Dan-making-fools-of-themselves photo