February 25th, 2010

We began this snowy DNO with a plan. We'd heard that Jae, who several of us knew from when our kids were in daycare together, had recently taken over the "underperforming" Borgo Antico and rechristened it City Tavern. We were curious to see what he'd done with the place.

Dan was in the bar downstairs when I arrived. There were half-a-dozen brews on tap, including Yuengling, Brooklyn Pilsener and Guinness, but what stood out to me tonight was the Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. I hadn't had this one in quite a while. It was suprisingly smoother than I had remembered. Dan was working on a Brooklyn Pilsener. It's a fine example in the style of Pilsener Urquell, but Dan found it a little light for his tastes.

The next round, uncharacteristic for us, came from bottles. Dan had a Hitachino Nest White Ale, easily the most intriguing beer I've had in a while. It's kind of like a hefeweissen with a hazy pale yellow hue. The flavor has intense clove notes with a crisp finish. Although Dan found it too light, I think it would make an outstanding summer quaff. I had a bottle of Smuttynose Robust Porter. With its intense blend of caramel and chocolate flavors, this beer was great!

Soon "P" and Robert arrived. At that point we switched to the Blue Moon Belgian White, "P's" favorite. Robert shared his new 3-D book; can't tell you what it's about because it's not out yet, but it's going to be really BIG!. Even Kathy, our delightful Brazilian barmaid, thought this was a winner. Soon Kevin and Pradeep came. "P" called Jae and he joined us, too.

We all went upstairs to eat, where we were joined by David. Our host sported for appetizers (Thanks Jae!) and I ordered a yummy burger and a salad. The food was good, although I get the feeling that Jae and his partner are still tinkering with the menu and décor. Donwstairs, the bar is cozy. There's a largeJae's added a small bar upstairs and installed a video system which projected the Winter Games all over the wall behind it. It looked great!

The usual B.S. ensued. Turnout was great and it was great to see everyone. Outside, a major stom raged—I came home to fifteen inches of snow!

Restauranteurs Pradeep and Jae

Steve and Robert taking it all in

Kevin, Dan and David enjoying the fine cuisine

"P" was there too.