January 21st, 2010

Unwilling—or perhaps too stupid—to let a good thing end, David, Dan and I headed down Ludlow to the corner of Rivington, specifically Spitzer's Corner, for a nitecap. I had the Southampton Double White and I think David had the Young's Double Chocolate, so there in fact is a balance in the universe, after all. ("I got the light side and he got the dark side") If I recall correctly (and that is always a question at the end of DNO), Dan had the Delerium Tremens, a Belgian strong pale ale.

I guess it's a compliment to be carded and stamped, but let's face it: no one would mistake us three old dudes for minors. The rest of the crowd?... I'm not so sure. The staff? I'm not so sure about them either. (Apparently, the bar allows underage patrons to eat at the restaurant. But no stampee, no beeree.) They take this stamp stuff really seriously: I had to go to the bar to show my stamp when David ordered the beer for me.

Ever the provocateur, David set his Young's on a table right next to three lovely young things. Ever the oft-harrassed New York City babes, they didn't skip a beat and just completely ignored him. There's an excellent tap selection here, but we've outgrown the crowd, to put it euphemistically.

With the witching hour approaching, Dan walked home and David and I headed off into the subway. What a night it was. Can't wait 'til next month!

Forever Young's

David's Beer

Oh, really?!?

Sex Street Tail Market