November 18th, 2008

It was the best of times, it was the best of times.

When we finally all connected, there were eleven of us! Nine of us met originally at the daycare when the kids were tots (we've picked up a couple of strays along the way). My eldest child is in sixth grade, so I've known some of these guys ten years already! I feel truly blessed to have such a great crew of friends!

It was my first time at the White Horse. My hero, Jane Jacobs, frequented the joint, as did Dylan (who drank himself gently into that good night here). The beer menu wasn't anything special, but hey, it was draft. I went for old reliable, Anchor Steam. It's hard to go wrong there. Even though we were most likely loud and, er, "spirited," the wait staff was terrific. They scared up a couple of tables and when a bench by the window opened up, they sat us down. The usual B.S. ensued.

Jim offered $20 for four shares of Citibank. No one was buying. "P" told us a rather sad story about a Nun from Siberia. It was all I could do to hold back the tears... At some point I switched to what I think may have been a Widmer Hefeweissen. Rocking! We set about our important business for tonight's agenda: we had to choose officers for the Board of Trustees. A difficult task, to be sure, but a necessary one.

After regaling in stories of long-lost loves and ye olde Wall Street warriors, we paid the tab and moved on. Six of us—Dan, David, "P," Paul, Pradeep, and myself—stumbled on down to the Blind Tiger (the number #1 spot on the aforementioned top-ten list) for a mellow round of Brooklyner Weisse (Thanks Paul!). What a night!

Several of the brothers mentioned that they wanted to give a shout out to our missing pal, so here's your toast, Brother Erich! Time to start a chapter out there in SanFran... dude!

Can't wail 'til next month!

Wally, Kev, P, William, Racine. Pradeep, Dan, David, Paul, Jim, Steve

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