Nov. 15, 2007

Scooting over to Hop Devil Grill (next door, at 129 St. Mark's Place), we grabbed a table in the back and were served by the lovely Jessica. Magic Hat was having a promo, so P. and I each ordered the five beer sampler. Kevin chased his lemonade mojito with a Sam Adams Utopian—a 25% (50 proof) Barleywine that came in a large snifter. Wow! Serious whiff from that glass'll put your lights out! Tasty, no doubt, but at $20 a shot, hardly a workin' man's quaff. The Magic Hat brews were decent. For me, the standout was the Jinx, a smoky chocolate stout.

In the end, it was a successful DNO! Five stalwarts attended: Kev, P., David, William and myself (Steve). Despite the occasion of my 47th birthday, a wailing head cold almost scotched the night for me. I can testify to the healing power of good ale and lager, however, because by the end of the night the cold had broken and I felt much better! I even felt good the next day. Hail Beer!

A Sampling of Magic Hat Brews

Having a Utopian Experience

A Sad Ending...